Tri-Line offers a wide range of truckload goods transportation with irregular, point-to-point movements of full truckloads directly to receiver, throughout Canada, between Canada and the United States and, primarily through association with TLS, between Canada and Mexico.

Tri-Line’s management has developed and implemented an operating strategy that permits us to offer general freight services to our clients in virtually all circumstances. We maintain a ration of approximately 2:1 trailers to power units, allowing us to drop trailers in customers’ yards. The customer is able to load the trailer while a power unit is being brought to that location.

Tri-Line has a variety of equipment and provides a range of services designed to meet almost any trucking need. Tri-Line has established a sophisticated logistics network throughout which it brokers out loads it is unable to accommodate. We also use specialized satellite tracking and computer routing equipment which allows us to monitor the location of each truck, advise customers of the location of their loads and respond to customers requests for routing changes.


Tri-Line is an efficient, innovative and professional company, we also offer service to global P & I Clubs, import & export companies, ship owners or operators, international trade lawyers, insurance companies. We provide a variety of cargo inspection and consulting services.

Tri-Line cooperates with clients all over the world. Since 90's, Chinese amount of imports & exports roses sharply with the rapid development of economy. We built office in Shanghai, assist many international trade companiese there to success.

Why Us

We are an innovative company that is geared towards improving the service delivery in the freight industry. If you are searching for outstanding shipping freight forwarders from China to the USA, we can be of service to you. We are a global company that offers only professional services at good competitive prices.

Our company is involved in different types of shipping. Mainly sea freight, courier services, and air freight. The service can reach any city regardless of the location in the big country of China. Our customers can collect their goods from our warehouses upon our guidance. Also, our customers may choose to repack their goods upon checking them, and we assist them in doing so. We are also involved in custom clearance services, and this gives more satisfaction to our customers. Our vast freight network will take care of your order whether loose or palatalized. This may involve door to door, port to port or door to port deliveries. We have been working with many big China & USA import/export companies. Such as Fenam Sourcing Corporation which is the biggest sourcing agency in the industry. We help them export over 50 containers to the USA.

The China Sea freight offers less than container load and full container load packages. The United States with its main ports of west and east serve greatly for our freights. The western port entries include Long Beach, Los Angeles, and Oakland among others. Eastern port, however, includes New York, Miami, Savannah, and Houston. Through the major airports, China air freights fully covered to offer only the best service delivery. Schedules of programs and deferred services of the route are ready and highly efficient. Air freight services are within the United States while in China are from Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing airports.

China has some courier services that include DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS, and EMS. They are involved in shipping your goods from China to the designate office or home address in USA as recorded. Big discounts can be found from DHL, EMS, UPS and FedEx but offer our services better than what they offer.

How long is freight forwarding from China to The USA?

Shipping from China to the West sea ports is 23 days while that of the East ports takes 13 days of sea freight. Air freights however generally take up to 2-5 days, and this depends on which airline or express company has taken up the task.

What is the charge for air shipping and ocean shipping from China?

This depends on the weight, size and other information regarding the shipping cartons your China supplier has used. An accurate quotation price is generated from this information once provided.

For urgent goods like perishables or important mails, air transport and couriers are advised so as to avoid any inconveniences caused by delays. For large quantities of cargo, we suggest that you try the sea freight as we will choose a reliable shipping company at a relatively low cost. We advise you to choose us as you forward company of choice as we offer our services at a low price that is also stable. Our shipping rates and custom clearance services are the best deal available. So make your order with us and sit back let us work for you. We are the number of AISA, we can offer you a wide range of services. Any question from you is welcome!